HM Networks GDPRexpress & DP Clinic <br>sessions have helped 1+ <br>Customers with Data Privacy, <br>Cyber Security & Connectivity... <br><br>This site offers a glimpse of support we can provide <br>via our specialist partner network.<br><br>Do you need help too?<br>


Talk to us about your Data Privacy issues. We can assess your situation and prescribe a remedy.


Tailored one off and ongoing support packages for data privacy and cyber security and more.


Learn how to identify risks. Educate staff face to face or via fun and informative eLearning.


Helping you reduce risk, protect your network & data plus remediate issues.

The "DP Clinic" was created off the back of the GDPRexpress. A one stop shop to help businesses get support with Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Data Protection and more..."
Chris Hunter - HM Network

We can

HM Network are the founders of the GDPRexpress.
A project that so far has helped raise awareness and provide GDPR, Data Privacy and Cyber Security support to over 1100 businesses.

Subsequently the DP Clinic was set up. So what is the DP Clinic you might ask? Think if it as somewhere you can go to get help and support around Data Protection, Cyber Awareness & Security and Data Privacy...

If you have an accident or medical emergency you will likely go to the hospital and see a triage nurse. They assess your situation and and might prescribe medication or make recommendations of what specialist help you may need.

The DP Clinic does the same type of thing but helps your business with assessments, training, implementation and ongoing support for data privacy, cyber security and much more.

Helping the UK's businesses with a whole array of support for data privacy and cyber security through our extensive network of specialist partners. HM Network & GDPRexpress