40 weeks to go until GDPR… Separating fact from fiction

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What is FAKE NEWS?
Simply put it’s false information purposely distributed to influence others. Real information can become misinterpreted or misunderstood, and at HM Network we are finding this with GDPR. The facts may get muddled, watered down, sometimes embellished upon resulting in the real focus, and importance of the original message being lost.

It will be adopted into UK Law under the new Data Protection Bill – replacing the current UK 1998 Data Protection Act.

Last week The UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) announced that it will be implementing the new Data Protection Bill. The Bill will bring the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into UK law.

We heard a comment the other day that the GDPR is coming simply to create an industry… this is simply not true. The GDPR is actually long overdue and has the interests of all of us – the consumers / citizens / subjects at its heart.

It is not being implemented as a barrier to business.

The reality is that over the past 20 years things our dependency on all things digital has ballooned.
A large part of our lives are spent online and personal data from our laptops and smart devices has been allowed to be used in ways we did not necessarily intend when the rules were created in 1995.

Minimal rules on gathering or reusing our personal data have created markets for databases – about us… GDPR is actually a wake up call.

A lot of what it covers is common sense – things that organisations should already do, not something that has come from nowhere and for no reason.

The ICO issued an article last week to straighten out a few myths. Pointing out that they will not be issuing the new maximum fines for minor infringements. They do however “intend to use those powers proportionately and judiciously.” They said that although the ICO have greater powers and can impose greater financial penalty for getting things wrong, but that these fines are actually a last resort and they prefer not to impose fines where possible.

“In 2016/17 out of 17,300 cases concluded, only 16 resulted in fines – that less than a tenth of 1%.”

Typically the order of action is as follows…

Warning > Reprimand > Suspension of processing > Monetary Fine

So where do we focus then as SMEs?
Easy one this – it’s the reputational impact that we should be focus, not simply the bigger possible fines. Even without a financial penalty, having your organisations hard won name tarnished could be damaging, losing revenue, relationships and customers.

Protecting personal data of any kind should be adopted as standard part of your business culture, not seen as an inconvenience. We have come across a really useful info-graphic that helps demonstrate:
What is personal data
Why change the rules
What your company must do
The cost of non-compliance

For the full interactive infographic visit http://ec.europa.eu/justice/newsroom/data-protection/infographic/2017/index_en.htm

infographic clip

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