Device Security… are you taking it seriously?

Chris HunterGeneral Interest, News, Security

Hollywood drama / real life consequence

Unless you have been living in an alternate reality recently, you will have heard about the WANNACRY malware attack. The one so big that it affected organisations around the world, including our very own NHS in the UK.

It is important to note that it’s not just threats from the internet we need to be concerned about. We also need to consider threats from the inside out. Whether they are intentional or not.

Attacks can be orchestrated and targeted, or can take the scatter gun approach. Whichever way they can be devastating to an organisation and have major knock on effects.

This video clip starring Christian Slater does a brilliant job of demonstrating a dramatic Hollywood storyline and top notch production values. But rather than promoting a blockbuster film, it illustrates how easy it can be for someone with malicious intent to infiltrate a network and hold it to ransom. Peoples lives could be at risk not just inconvenienced because they can’t log into a PC.

Is your organisation taking cyber security seriously? Do you have a strategy getting ready for GDPR?
If you answer no to either of those points, we can help.

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