We work with a number of solutions in this field both hardware appliance and software based… Please contact us for options. To demonstrate the kind of features available this page features Smoothwall. Professionals especially in education love it. Firewalls and Filtering are not just about preventing threats to your company, but can also be used to manage bandwidth by individual user or application and to limit the content that can be accessed.

You may already block staff from accessing certain sites on their computers, but what about social media, instant messaging and Skype calls? Have you considered the security regarding visitors to your premises using your guest WiFi? Don’t leave your systems exposed to unwanted criminal organisations that can bring your business to a halt in a very short space of time.

You may not even know that you have been exposed to data theft and whilst you can block certain web access for staff, nowadays that just isn’t enough. Malware attacks have now become so sophisticated that malicious applications have been started using adverts on reputable sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

By using the security and Firewall solution from HM Network you can protect your company even before some of the malicious attacks become common knowledge, as our system analyses unrecognised code and interprets the code based on the effects it sees. This means you are getting instant protection.

Give us a call to discuss the many options available to you around security and firewalls. There are many different levels of protection available.


Secure Web Gateway from Smoothwall is a powerful standalone gateway designed to tackle the issues of acceptable web usage, productivity loss, web borne malware and mobile integration.

Available as software, hardware appliance and virtual machine.


Simplify your network security with Unified Threat Management. Combining market-leading web filtering with perimeter firewall, application control, VPN, IPS and also email security options too.

Available as software, hardware appliance and virtual machine.


Web Access Manager.

Designed for the Guest WiFi networks, Web Access Manager allows you to intelligently allocate and optimise your bandwidth, ensuring high quality connectivity.

Available as software, hardware appliance and virtual machine.